Our Story

For students, by students.

We're not your ordinary startup.

StudBuds started out as a seed of an idea. We were frustrated by the mediocre tutoring platforms, marketplaces and posting sites that were dubious in quality and couldn't guarantee a reliable experience for the student. We wanted to do better.

The team met as floormates while in residence at Renison University College. We would work in our dorm rooms across the hall from each other until five in the morning then wake up at nine to do it all over again. The drive to build something for our peers and the community trumped our desire for sleep. StudBuds consumed our lives and we loved every moment of it.

We beta-launched just before exams in March 2016. In less than 2 months, we attracted over 7K page views, 160 student sign-ups, and 27 tutors who posted their profiles. This was all with a marketing budget of $0.

We moved our operations to the Velocity Residence in September 2016. With world-class mentorship from established startup founders, we hope to accelerate our growth and fully dominate the Waterloo region by the end of 2017.

Our goal for this year is to form a group of amazing ambassador tutors who will become the public faces of StudBuds. We are looking for and recruiting the best student tutors who have taken courses like AFM101, MATH135, and CHEM120. Most importantly, our tutors are not only students who have achieved high marks in the courses, but also natural teachers who demonstrate the qualities of a professional tutor.

We are not a marketplace for tutors, but rather an online platform that complements the decades-old tutoring industry. We are a tutoring firm with a tech front that makes quality and professional tutoring readily accessible to students at an affordable cost. Students can trust that the tutors they book through us will be tutors that we've personally observed teaching and excelling at teaching.

The Team

Richard Wu
Executive & Technical
Computer Science
Wen Zhou
Accounting and Financial Management
Aaron Rudyk
Global Business and Digital Arts
Adrien Vilcini
Global Business and Digital Arts
Jon van der Veen
Environment and Business